Scott Mitchell, M.D.

M.D. 2016 | Bachelors' in chemical engineering 2012 | Salina, Kan.

Far Above Scholarships

  • Berkley Memorial Scholarship in Medicine
  • Glen and Flora Warren Memorial Scholarship
  • Madison A. and Lila Self Engineering Leadership Fellow
  • Dane Hansen Leaders of Tomorrow Scholar

What is your passion?

I want to become a doctor to help people. Seeing patients improve their outcomes and become pain free motivates me.

How have scholarships helped you?

My scholarships have meant a great deal; they have supported me for eight years. Instead of taking a job to just pay the bills, I worked at Children’s Mercy Hospital and helped develop implants for scoliosis patients in partnership with KU engineering students.

What is your goal for the future?

I plan to return to Kansas after my orthopedic surgery training at the Mayo Clinic. While I was working in Quinter, Kan., a 6-year-old patient with a broken leg had to be flown for treatment because the nearest surgeon was hours away.

What do you love about KU?

The thing I love most about KU is the people. I come from a long line of Jayhawks. At the School of Medicine, there is a corridor listing every graduate since 1905. I love to see the evolution of graduates.

What would you say to KU donors?

Thank you for the generous gifts. I would have been in a difficult position without their support. It has been a life-changer.

Scott standing in the rain with an umbrella in front of a water tower