Grecia Rucoba

Bachelor’s in accounting 2016 | Anthony, Kan.
Grecia holding a Nikon camera by Potters Lake with the Campanile in the background

Far Above Scholarships

  • Leonel E. and Helen L. Tustison Scholarship in Business

  • Multicultural Business Scholars Scholarship

What is your passion?

My family is really important. My mom especially instilled in me that you can do whatever you want no matter your background. I want to prove that.

How have scholarships helped you?

Neither of my parents went to college. They were both born in Mexico and are hourly employees. I am paying for school myself by working multiple jobs and taking out loans. Without my scholarships, I couldn’t have afforded to come to KU.

What are your goals for the future?

Most of the talented business professionals work for big corporations. My goal is to bring essential business skills to nonprofits. I have a summer internship and am coming back to KU for my master’s in accounting.

What do you love about KU?

I love the sense of community. It feels like everyone wants you to do well. Potter Lake is my favorite spot on campus. It’s so relaxing; I don’t need to put on headphones there.

What would you say to KU donors?

I couldn’t have done this without them. I wouldn’t have been able to walk down the Hill without these scholarships.

What advice do you have for new students?

Get an on-campus job. My bosses have been some of the most influential people in my life.