Carol Fabian, M.D.

Director, Breast Cancer Prevention & Survivorship Research Center | University Distinguished Professor | Mark and Bette Morris Family Endowed Chair in Cancer Prevention Research | Associate Director of Clinical Research, The University of Kansas Cancer Center

What is your passion?

I am focused on developing more accurate methods of short-term breast cancer risk prediction, reducing breast cancer risk without inducing menopause symptoms and reducing the side effects of treatment.

How has National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation made a difference?

NCI designation, achieved with Far Above support, has provided new opportunities for research and clinical trials. It also is expanding cancer prevention efforts and giving patients more access to the most advanced treatments.

What makes KU a great place to teach and do research?

I received my bachelor’s and medical degrees from KU. I came back here because of the collaboration and team approach to teaching, treating patients and scientific discovery.

How does your professorship support you?

My professorship gives me the freedom to explore ideas that wouldn’t receive funding from other sources. It also supports my professional development.

How do you explain your research to students?

By analyzing tissue samples from women at high risk for breast cancer, we found that a pattern of precancerous cells in women without a clinical breast problem predicted short-term risk of breast cancer. This led to studies on prevention, including assessing the effects of lignans (found in flaxseed), omega-3 supplements, weight loss and exercise.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family and three grandchildren. However, patients and research are never far from conscious thought.

Dr. Fabian in the Garden of Infinite Possibilities