Far Above: The Story

Eight years ago, a bold mission kicked-off the start of something extraordinary — Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas. The campaign sought support to educate future leaders, advance medicine, accelerate discovery and drive economic growth to seize the opportunities of the future.

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A single photograph couldn’t adequately capture the striking evolution of the University of Kansas during the Far Above campaign, so we enlisted the help of artist and KU alum, Gavin Snider, to illustrate the Hill’s breathtaking transformation. 


Total philanthropic support given during the Far Above campaign

Total Amount Raised: $1.66 Billion
Total Number of Gifts
Breakdown of Campaign Priorities
Map of US showing donors from all 50 states
50% gifts came from Kansas
Total number of donors

Changing lives

Lifting up talented students, inspirational teachers and innovative researchers by supporting their dreams creates ripples of influence. One scholarship may be the support a student needs to attend KU or finish a degree. One professorship could ignite hundreds of minds. One research award could fuel a discovery that helps countless people.

Now imagine the potential with the 735 new scholarships and 53 new professorships established by donors during Far Above. Four students and two faculty who benefited from this support shared their stories. An MBA student hopes to serve nonprofits. A law graduate wants to help people overcome difficulties. A journalism graduate works to elect effective leaders. A medical student helped develop implants for scoliosis patients. A professor strives to understand how ocean currents and weather influence life. An internationally recognized oncologist aims to save lives. Read on to learn about them.

One act of generosity can make a difference for generations. The possibilities are endless because donors invested in KU people, the heart of our university. So many changes are already happening, and we can’t wait to see what is next.

Thank you for the generous gifts. I would have been in a difficult position without their support. It has been a life-changer.

Scott Mitchell, M.D.

Salina, Kan., Read More

I couldn’t have done this without them. I wouldn’t have been able to walk down the Hill without these scholarships.

Grecia Rucoba

Anthony, Kan., Read More

Thank you. For me, this was a dream come true.

Robin Randolph

Amelia, Va., Read More

Try everything on campus once, and then go for those things you love.

Eric Pahls

Beloit, Kan., Read More

My professorship, established during Far Above, helps me do things quickly or that fall outside of available funding. I recently did an expedition in a new-to-me geographic area to test ideas that could lead to larger projects. I also was able to send two students to see a unique core in the Netherlands.

Gene Rankey, Ph.D.

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My professorship gives me the freedom to explore ideas that wouldn’t receive funding from other sources. It also supports my professional development.

Carol Fabian, M.D.

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total number of donors

new scholarships

new professorships

major new or renovated spaces

campaign volunteers
Mail and email stats
Student Endowment Board stats
Student Caller stats
Alumni donors
Increased Faculty and Staff giving

Magnifying opportunities

The University of Kansas strives to provide transformative experiences for each and every Jayhawk — students and faculty alike. And when KU programs and research initiatives receive support, knowledge expands.

Ideas are bigger than one person.Emerging concepts amplify when programs have the resources for students and faculty to collaborate with each other and with peers around the world. Sometimes this requires support for study abroad or to bring an expert to campus; resources to do field research or kick off a new project; or help with expenses so a student can serve others or gain real-world leadership experience.

Private giving provides the freedom for exploration on campus and beyond. It fuels the ability to be bold in our ideas and approach — that’s how “eureka” moments often happen. Providing the vehicle for innovation is vital to recruit renowned faculty and promising students to KU. As faculty mentors conduct groundbreaking research and share the latest knowledge, they cultivate the scholars and professionals of the future.

These experiences expand horizons, stretch abilities, instill confidence, build career paths and may even lead to discoveries that change our world.

Thanks to Far Above, new doors are opening every day.

Illustrated campus map

Elevating spaces

A renaissance of new and transformed facilities is one of the legacies of Far Above. Donor generosity has supported 16 construction projects — new buildings, additions and major renovations — that are enhancing learning, research and patient care.

The views are breathtaking, but more importantly, these projects have modernized the spaces where concepts become inventions, students emerge as leaders and patients regain health.

KU Endowment beak



We accomplished much through Far Above and yet, some of our imperatives remain. As the cost of tuition increases exponentially and state support wanes, we will redouble our efforts on encouraging support for our most precious resources: our students and faculty.



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